Relational Organizing

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As an individual, do you:

  • feel like your voice isn’t getting heard? 
  • want to participate in bringing about culture change? 
  • want to amplify your influence around what you’re passionate about?

As a community or spiritual leader, do you

  • want to lead your people to contribute to fostering a more equitable community?
  • want your people to clarify what is important to them and widen their circles with whom they partner to make a difference in the world?
  • want to cultivate the kind of relationships that make connections for meaningful change?

What is Relational Organizing?

a meaningful, engaging path to build networks of thoughtful, committed people that identify common purpose among a group of diverse people. So much more becomes possible!

a key approach to leadership development that strengthens organizations, congregations, and communities.

creates spaces for ordinary people and leaders to live with depth, with compassion, with greater clarity–all which come with learning to live with courage.

If you would like to consult with Alan, don’t hesitate to contact him.

I identify Alan as a “contemplative activist” who answers the call of building the Beloved Community as articulated by Martin Luther King, Jr. He intentionally resides in the gap between the world as it is and the world as it could be.

Angelica C

In 2011, Alan was trained in relational organizing. This approach to community-building transformed his ministry at Unity Temple. While he shepherded the congregation through two significant building projects, his most vital work was implementing listening campaigns such that his people listened to one another about what is truly important to them. As their relational network grew, the congregation was able to engage with relational networks of historically marginalized communities–to join with them and build relationships to work together.

As president of the Community of Congregations, Alan expanded our leadership team and fostered meaningful relationships that allowed the Community of Congregations to build a diverse community of faith. His leadership led to the growth of local efforts in the Oak Park area that intentionally cultivated relationships with congregations on Chicago’s west side, resulting in growing relationships across divisions that often separate us.

Rabbi Max Weiss

For his community leadership, Alan has been recognized by Community Renewal Society (a faith-based organization that focuses on the intersection of race and poverty in Illinois), the Leaders Network (a Missionary Baptist-led community service organization addressing the profound challenges in the communities of Chicago’s westside), the Oak Park Area Housing Center, PASO–an immigrant rights organization, and the Oak Park Area Lesbian and Gay Association. 

Alan’s passion for addressing issues of racism and poverty have changed the lives of countless individuals throughout our communities. With demonstrated superb skills in diversity, communication, and teamwork, he has showed an outstanding ability to face numerous difficulties that have presented to him as a community organizer, wherein he has far excelled in his efforts and accomplishments. 

Mazell S

Alan currently is on staff with Live Free Illinois, a Black-led organization bringing people of faith together to address gun violence prevention, the rampant systemic racism in the criminal justice system, creating more opportunities for people with records, and developing culturally competent community healing centers to address the widespread trauma of gun violence in the Black community. Alan believes that social change comes when enough of us are inspired–and cultivate the courage–to move ever further into the heart of love, the public display of which is justice.