Consulting Ministry – If your congregation needs a parish minister, Alan is open to exploring the possibility. Alan has 24 years of parish ministry experience.

Alan is available to facilitate retreats. He has facilitated dozens of

  • board retreats
  • leadership retreats
  • spiritual retreats

Alan is also available for

  • Weddings
  • Memorials
  • Other significant ritual moments

Alan is an ordained minister. While he is comfortable being addressed as “Alan,” some people who engage him for ritual services prefer to address him as “Rev. Alan” or “Rev. Taylor.” He is comfortable being addressed in the way that is the most helpful to you.

Alan has officiated over a hundred weddings, each of them with their own special character. In addition to meeting with a couple to become acquainted and for pre-marital counseling, he also actively engages them to design a customized ceremony. Because he listens closely, each ceremony reflects the couple’s love and wishes. 

For a memorial service, often called “A Celebration of Life,” he meets with loved ones, assesses the needs for processing grief, and becomes acquainted with the deceased through the shared stories of loved ones. Truly, each Celebration of Life is unique. Alan helps the family integrate the desires of the deceased, the faith traditions of the deceased and of the loved ones, and the needs of the family. Some are celebrations filled with friends and family sharing while others are more reflective and traditional in nature. Alan’s services have been especially appreciated amidst the grief of tragic losses.

Alan has assisted families without a faith community for many different needs, including to ritually welcome a child into their family. 

If you or someone you know is in need of an officiant known for his capacity to listen openly, engage a wide spectrum of families, and speaks poignantly at significant moments, contact Alan.