Group Spiritual Direction

Group Spiritual Direction brings between 4 and 7 people together for a unique opportunity. Participants not only share of oneself but hone the skill of listening openly to others. Sessions are between 90 minutes and two hours.

Group spiritual direction cultivates a countercultural way of relating to others. Unexpected benefits often come from a shared experience of open listening and learning to share openly. Often participants learn how to companion others on the journey of life. Sometimes spiritual friendships emerge, a special kind of friendship that becomes a part of one’s support system.

You may join a group where the others are unfamiliar or bring people with whom you wish to cultivate the fruits of spiritual friendship. Some people enter group spiritual direction to navigate with others a specific life challenge, transition, or stage of the human journey. 

Alan will gladly accommodate requests for Group Spiritual Direction as scheduling and space provisions allow. For group work, there is no set fee. You pay as you are able for the value that it offers you. If you are not able to pay, Alan’s service is pro bono.